Basics of Automation Actions

Actions are the most important parts of FluentCRM Automation as these are the tasks or works we want FluentCRM to do for us automatically. Let’s get started with the actions and see their capabilities in detail.

Identifier #

Before we dive deep into automation actions let us get introduced to some basics of them as an introduction.

crm automation label description

Internal Label #

Working with actions we will be seeing each of them will let us set an Internal Label that is shown in the Editor as the above screenshot.

Internal Description #

This is another similar feature that let us add a short description so that we can understand it without even editing or opening the action settings.

crm automation clone

Managing Actions #

While we work with the actions we may need to manage them as move actions between other actions, cloning them to save time replicating the details, or even deleting any action we do not need.

Move Actions #

To move any action, please hover over the action you want to move and you will see 2 arrows beside them indicating up or below to move the action.

crm automation action move

Clone Actions #

In some cases, we may need to Clone any existing Action along with the settings. To do this, please hover over the action you want to Clone and you will see a 3 Dots option clicking on it you will be able to see the Clone option that will let you clone the Action with settings.

Delete Actions #

Same as Cloning you will also be able to Delete the action that you want without opening the Action Settings.

However, if you want to clone you can also open the Action Settings and click on the Red Recycle Button to Delete the Action as well as below.

crm automation delete actions

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