Funnel Action Blocks

Actions blocks are tasks that you want to fire from your side for the target contact within a funnel. FluentCRM has several action blocks:

Wait X Days/Hours #

Wait defined timespan before execute the next action.

Send Custom Email #

Send a custom Email to your subscriber or custom email address.

Set Sequence Emails #

Send Automated Emails based on your Sequence settings.

Cancel Sequence Emails #

Cancel Sequence Emails for the contact.

Schedule Campaign Email #

Send an Email from your existing campaign.

Apply List #

Add this contact to the selected lists.

Apply Tag #

Add this contact to the selected Tags.

Remove From List #

Remove this contact from the selected lists.

Remove From Tag #

Remove this contact from the selected Tags.


  1. I’m looking to purchase fluentcrm but how do you add condition ?
    – if customer has 0 purchase
    – if customer spent more than $99

    Also how do you add suggested products in email template base on customer product view history ?
    And a link to his abandoned cart…

    These are mandatory for any e-commerce marketing email software !

  2. If I use the “Cancel Sequence Emails” does that stop all unsent emails for that contact?

    In other words, if they are in the sequence on email #3 of 10 and the automations cancels they won’t receive any further emails in the sequence, correct?

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