Elementor Integration with FluentCRM

FluentCRM is a Self Hosted Email Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress. This plugin provides easy solutions to make your email marketing & customer relationship smooth. Now you can integrate the Elementor page builder native forms with Fluent CRM.

Just follow this simple guide to learn how to integrate Elementor with Fluent CRM.

Step-1: At first, go to your dashboard & click on Pages. Then click on Add New Pages to create your Page. 

Step-2: In this example, the post is named as ‘Sample Page’. Then you have to click the Edit with Elementor button. Which will take you to the Elementor page editor.

Step-3: Now, let’s create a simple form using Elementor’s Form widget. For demonstration purposes, the form used in this tutorial has a First Name, Last Name & Email field. 

Step-4: Then, scroll down to the Actions after Submit option and click on it. Here you will find an option to Add Actions. You can add actions that will be performed after a user submits a form. After clicking this, select the Fluent CRM option from the dropdown menu.

Step-5: After that, you will find a Fluent CRM option below Actions After Submit. This is where you can map the CRM fields according to your form fields. Here First Name, Last Name, and Email fields will be mapped into the form.

Step-6: You can also turn on the Add Only option when you want to only add new contacts. And don’t need to update your existing contacts.

Step-7: Turn on the Double Opt-in option if you want to send double opt-in emails for new or pending contacts. If you don’t enable this, then the contact will be added as a subscribed state. Lastly, just click the Update button to save your settings.

*Tutorial: How to Connect Any WordPress Forms with FluentCRM

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Avatar for Gennaro

Hi, I have the free version of fluent CRM and the Elementor Pro plugin, and in the “Action After submit” section I can’t find Fluent CRM. at the moment I use the free version to evaluate the purchase of Fluent Crm PRO.
do i need the pro version of fluent crm to have this integration?

Avatar for Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor

Hi Nazir, is this still the case now? I’ve just spent all day setting up FluentCRM only to find it doesn’t work with all of my Elementor Pro forms! I am livid, I can’t believe we need to have FluentCRM Pro for this when all the other free Email Marketing platforms seamlessly integrate with Elementor… Please tell me I’m missing something..

Avatar for KC

Actually, I didn’t figure it out 🙁
Custom fields appear in newly added Elementor forms, however I cannot get them to display in existing ones.

Is there a way to force Fluent CRM to go and look for new fields (from within existing Elementor form)? Or do we need to create all our forms again to see the fields?

Avatar for DJZ

Can we install FluentCRM at new domain and use the subscription shortcode at another domain?

I have a problem. I have a website at abc.com and I installed FluentCRM at crm.abc.com. The website at abc.com is already installed with Fluentform. So when I created a form at crm.abc.com, it generates shortcode [fluentform id="1"], which an existing shortcode at website abc.com

Can fluentcrm generates embed code like normal email marketing service?

Avatar for Dexter Dorer
Dexter Dorer

Hello, I’m trying to add a new custom field in fluentCRM Pro and I don’t see an option for multi-line text area field. I only see single line text, numeric field, select choice, multiple select choice, radio choice, checkboxes, date, date and time as demonstrated in screenshots below. Do you not have an option to record multi-line text responses in forms?



Avatar for KC

Nevermind – I figured it out; if you have an existing form and then add custom fields, you do not see the new fields.

You need to remove Fluent CRM as an action…then re-add it for the custom fields to appear.

Avatar for Liese van der Waal
Liese van der Waal

I am a user of Elementor Pro and when I try to set the actions after submit as described above, Fluent CRM does not show as an option in the list that appears. Is there another way to create a link between Elementor form and Fluent CRM?

Avatar for se

Hi Team,

Happy New year 2021. I have installed the free plugin . I want to integrate it with Elementor Form.I followed the article . However I don’t see the option of Fluent CRM in the drop down list of “Add Action” in the action after submit section.

Please help. I am indented to buy the pro version next month if the free version works ok.