Grow Your Audience using Opt-in Forms

If you want to add more people to your marketing campaign, you can create a landing page including a form. Your audience can fill-up the form and they will get a double opt-in email and register to your email marketing campaigns.

Currently you need to use WP Fluent Forms to collect your audience data, but integrations with other form plugins will be added periodically.

Installing WP Fluent Forms #

To install WP Fluent Forms, go to the FluentCRM dashboard > Forms, Click on the Activate Fluent Forms Integration button, and wait for the confirmation. That’s it, you are good to go.


Collect audience using WP Fluent Forms (Automated) #

Go to FluentCRM dashboard/Forms tab. Click on the Create a New Form button.

A popup will appear, you will see a list of templates ready for you, pick any template.

Give a title for your form, select the List and Tags you want to map with. Check the checkbox Enable Double Option for new contacts so that FluentCRM will send a double opt-in email to the user as soon as the form is submitted. Now click on the Create Form button.

The form will be created with an active feed with FluentCRM, all the submitted entries will be added to your assigned List and Tags. You can preview the form, edit the form and also edit the form feed by clicking on each link.

Now, create a page and add the form’s shortcode into the page, or use the shortcode in the sidebar widget or within a post. You can also utilize the Landing Page feature of Fluent Forms to grow an audience with a distraction-free landing page.

Now when a user submits the form the contacts will be added to FluentCRM along with their List & Tags.


  1. I’m using Bloom by Elegant Themes for my opt-in and I have Double Opt-in set inside of FluentCRM. While it does send a confirmation link, I can’t see any difference between users who do or do not click the link.

    Users get added to my list before clicking the confirmation link. I do not see any benchmark or trigger I can use in an automation to tell if they did or did not click the confirmation link.

    Can you direct me to any other documentation about this, without referencing Fluent Forms?

      1. Sorry, I forgot to follow-up. The reason I didn’t see a difference is due to a bug in Bloom. They send everything over as Subscribed. I made them aware of the problem, as none of the leads came in Pending. Sadly, they have not ETA to fix and it doesn’t seem to be high on their agenda.

        1. I haven’t used bloom yet. But in that case, you can take advantage of our dynamic segmentation. Here’s what I suggest, use dynamic segments to find your new contacts and mark them as pending contacts. Then you can trigger a double opt-in email for them. I know it’s somewhat manual work but at this moment, this is what I can suggest instead of using Fluent Forms.

  2. Hi,

    how to change bg-color in global emails. Opt-in Emails in mostly all solutions look so unpro boring. More styling options corresponding to the Companys Corporate Identity is prefered. Maybe FluentForms/FluentCRM will be the winner in this case soon.


    1. Although a workaround, I believe the best way to achieve this is to design an opt-in email using Stripo, switch to text mode in FluentCRM, and select RAW HTML design template. Don’t forget to use the shortcode as the confirmation link though!

  3. Hi Nazir,
    thank you very much for the helpfull link. Now we are a pro licenced user of fluentCrM too.

  4. Hi,
    Is it possible to activate DOI only if the subscriber has checked a respective DOI-checkbox in the form? Let’s say somebody is subscribing to a paid training, which I want to let him do regardless of a Newsletter Opt In. So if he doesn’t check the “yes I want your Newsletter” checkbox, I want to integrate him in fluent CRM (as pending forever?) but he shouldn’t receive any DOI-confirmation mail.
    Thanks and regards,

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