Manage Automation

The FluentCRM Manage Automation options are for various tasks and processes in the Automation system. With this feature, you can streamline your workflow.
This documentation will provide a detailed guide on Mange Automation options.

Bulk Actions #

Bulk action is an action that can be applied to multiple items at once, rather than one at a time. You can select multiple automation here and there are two actions for the automation funnels.

  1. Change funnel Status 
  2. Delete Funnels
crm automation manage bulk select

Change Funnel Status #

Change Funnel Status: With the Change Funnel Status action, you can change the automation funnels status to Publish or Draft.

fluentcrm manage option bulk action change funnel status

Delete Funnels #

Delete funnels: You can delete the automation funnels with the Delete action.

fluentcrm manage option bulk action delete

Individual Actions #

For an Individual action of the automation funnel, you will get an automation funnel status, a report button, and a vertical ellipsis for some actions. 
Status: You can change the automation funnel Status directly with one click from here.

fluentcrm manage option status

Report #

The Report option will show you the Automation report against the Automation funnel.

fluentcrm manage option report

The Reports page will then redirect you, where you will find three report sections against your automation funnel

  1. Chart report 
  2. Step report 
  3. Email analytics
fluentcrm manage option chart report

Vertical Ellipsis: Vertical Ellipsis will give you three options for your automation.

fluentcrm manage option vertical ellipsis
  1. Duplicate: With this Duplicate option, you can make another same funnel with a click.
  2. Export: With Export, you can export your automation funnel.
  3. Delete: Delete will remove your selected automation funnel.

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Avatar for Deborah Jenkins
Deborah Jenkins

After an automation funnel has begun and the emails have been scheduled for contacts, is there a way to bulk delete the scheduled emails that have not been sent? I “think” that I’ll have to delete them individually from over 200 contacts because details have changed and I need to update the email. I’ve found that updating the email inside the automation only changes it for NEW contacts, not for those already in the automation.